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Nerve Pain

Nerve Pain

Some patients feel a sudden pain that appears to have no origin and are often made to feel mad to experience such symptoms that does not make sense.

Symptoms and Causes
Is your pain:

  • Sharp
  • Hot shooting stabbing sudden
  • Tingling
  • Electric shock like
  • Burning

These are all the phenomenon of nerve pain

  • When the nervous system malfunctions neuropathic pain develops.
  • Any irritation to the nerve; infection, trauma, surgery, diabetes, vascular problems can predispose to this.

The nerve is sensitised (any little stimulation will cause it to send pain signals) and continues to send pain messages to the brain despite healing that has taken place. It can start as early as within 4 weeks and persist well into several years.

Diagnosis and Treatment Options
Our treatments aim to stop the escalating cycle of pain-fear-movement avoidance
Treatment options

  • Antinerve medication
  • Desensitisation
  • Targeted interventions-sympathetic and ganglion blockade
  • Peripheral Nerve stimulation ( PENS)
  • Central Nerve stimulation ( e.g. Spinal cord stimulation)
  • Western dry needling

Desensitise the pain sensations

  • Stimulating the nerve to ‘reset’ the abnormal sensation messages that are sent up to the brain.
  • ‘Tricking’ the nerve you can then introduce ‘normal’ sensation.
  • Re-educate the nerves to send normal sensations.

This method has about 30-60% success at reducing the pain intensity and allowing normal functioning to slowly return.

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