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Advances in cancer treatment means improved survival and better outcomes, however pain during the terminal phase and pain after treatment can be very problematic.

Symptoms and Causes
Cancer related pain arises from

The Cancer Itself

  • Its effects on surrounding tissues and nerves
  • The cancer spreading to bone, brain and other areas
  • The cancer cells themselves release particles that sensitise the nerves to pain.

The Cancer Treatment

  • The chemotherapy or radiotherapy local effects.
  • Side effects from the chemotherapy medications (neuropathy)
  • Surgical procedures relating to operative treatment
We understand that you will have many things to sort out and need to be focused and alert in order to attend to these things. We aim to work with your palliative care consultant and HOSPIS Malaysia.
Diagnosis and Treatment Options

We use a combination of

  • Titrating strong opioid doses
  • Topical creams
  • Local nerve injections as needed
  • Syringe pump drivers
  • Intrathecal drug delivery systems
To optimise pain control so you might enjoy a better quality of life without the extreme side effects of very high morphine doses.
Pain Treatment Consultation

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