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Regenerative Medicine

  • No growth factors given
  • Comfortable day surgery procedure
  • Minimal discomfort to patient (NO bone marrow taken)
  • No risk of rejection (using your own fat cells)

In chronic pain arising from degeneration of discs, damage to nerves and other age related or irreversible trauma related changes – Regenerative medicine (using your own platelet rich plasma and stem cells) is showing promise in the area of treating chronic pain syndromes.

This is still very much a new field and experimental but we have had experience of successfully treating chronic back and nerve pain syndromes where appropriate with the patient’s own cells, thereby avoiding materials that are genetically tampered with or mutated. We do not use foetal embryonic cells.

Not everybody however is suitable for these procedures. We provide a thorough assessment and discussion before deciding if it would be of any benefit to our client.

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