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Following full assessment we offer a bespoke individual treatment plan that is goal orientated, towards functional restoration.

Malaysians are very stoical when it comes to pain and often ‘put up’ and silently suffer. At The Pain Centre the patient is at the centre of our focus. We provide timely, evidence based medical advice and work with highly qualified staff.

Dr Maya Nagaratnam, Director, The Pain Centre

Dr Maya Nagaratnam

MBBS (Imperial, Lon) FRCA, FFPMRCA (UK).

Director, The Pain Centre

Visiting Specialist and consultant,
Hospital University Kebangsaan Malaysia.

Our Consultant


Dr Maya Nagaratnam is a Pain and Anaesthetic consultant at the Pantai flagship hospital, KL.

She divides her time between the private sector and government hospital with a teaching commitment at HUKM. She completed both her undergraduate and postgraduate training in the United Kingdom and further sub specialised in internationally renowned centres in the UK;

the National Hospital of Neurology and Neuroscience in London and St Mary’s Imperial College Hospital London.

Dr Maya is also a British Medical Acupuncture trained acupuncturist and offers treatments based on western dry needling, pain management. She is one of the few consultants in Malaysia to be admitted into the General Medical Council specialist register in the UK. She has an academic interest and is widely published. In addition she is a mentor and tutor for clinical leadership programmes in the UK and trains Masters Students in Ultrasound guided interventional procedures.

Our Team

Physical Therapists

We work with extremely experienced physical therapists at Pantai Integrated Rehab Services offering a wide variety of exercise-based programmes tailored to suit individual client’s needs be it wellness, preventive or return to health.

Pantai Rehab Centre http://www.pantai-rehab.com.my/

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