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Pregnancy Related Pain

Pregnancy Related Pain

Generally your obstetrician will be able to deal with pain related to your pregnancy in the months leading up to labour.

Symptoms and Causes
There are specific non pregnancy related pains that can flare up during pregnancy due to hormonal changes and laxity of ligaments, muscles and joints that is necessary for labour.

Specific non pregnancy related pains

  • Fibromyalgia type- widespread body pain
  • Sacroilitis – pain near the sitting and pelvic bones
  • Chronic cluster headaches – intermittent headaches
  • Chronic nausea related pains
Diagnosis and Treatment Options
Specific non pregnancy related pains
  • Acupuncture.
  • Ultrasound guided injections – which avoid the need for chemicals and Radiation.
  • Specific Pilates and physical therapy can certainly help.
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