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1. Chronic neck pain is similiar to lumbar ( back) pain, very common health condition regardless of age, gender, lifestyle or health condition. Can be triggered by just pressure on neck/muscles, prolonged uncomfortable positions or just over exhaustion.
2. Structure of neck: 7 spinal bones, safeguard spinal cord and nerves. discs between spinal bones for cushioning effect and providing nutrition to bones and nerves, muscles and blood vessels. All which can contribute to painful sensations.
3. Random neck movement may trigger pain ranging from dull to sharp and numbness with ‘swelling’ sensations at shoulder and radiating to arm.
4, Pain may be worse early in morning and increasing severity in evening. Arthritic changes in the facet joints can cause this.
5. Ice and rest can help initially
6. Physiotherapy is useful
7. Visiting a Pain management Centre can help provide better pain relief for more the stubborn refractory pain
8/ Surgical interventions might be needed for more intense pain.

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