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Your One Stop Pain Assessment, Investigation & Pain Treatment Centre

Chronic Pain is a Disease – We Treat It.

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We are the first and only British Trained and UK certified
Pain specialist and Acupuncturist

Pain conditions


Find out the cause of your pain for appropriate treatment

Chronic painful conditions arise from many causes and can be seen by many specialties. Despite extensive investigations and procedures patients remain in pain. We offer latest research explanations and treatments.

Pain Treatment


Receive modern treatments to reduce or remove your pain

Our treatment techniques offer a pain free window for clients, allowing them to become more active and engage fully in their physiotherapy based rehabilitation and return to work programmes

Pain Treatment procedure


What to expect before, during and after treatment

Surgery is not the only option for relief of pain. Highly effective minimally invasive interventions can produce good results. These are often carried out as day surgery or outpatient procedures.

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